Cake of the Month - Fraise Mille Crêpe

Fraise Mille Crepe
Promotion date: 
Saturday, 1 July, 2017 to Monday, 31 July, 2017

Cake of the month of July 

Mille Crêpe is a french term that's bound to cause a frisson. A kind of heaven made up numerous, usually more than 20 layers of thin pancake, lathered with fresh pastry cream. The passion for them is real and steadily growing with each day, as with the spots where you can get your hans on them.

We know it can be frustating to crave for something so badly but not having the idea where to get them, so here we are to make your life less worrisome. Presenting you one of the most Discrening, elegant and classic French no bake cake with 30 layers crepes of tiramisu cream and strawberry slices; Fraise Mille Crêpe.

Though crepe cakes can't magically solve all your problems but it sure can give you momentary blissfulness.

Cake available for order in the month of July: please contact +6261 4100 6700 or FB Sales at +6281 6315 8910 or +6281 5310 7337 for bulk or corporate order.