Flavors of Archipelago Buffet Dinner

ICJ 2017
Promotion date: 
Saturday, 12 August, 2017 to Sunday, 10 September, 2017

As part of Indonesian Culinary Journey by Marriott nationwide program in celebration the Independence month of Indonesia. 

Marriott Cafe will be presenting "Flavors of the Archipelago" Buffet Dinner for one month from 12 August - 10 Sept 2017.

What's so special about this Buffet?

Chefs are chosen, Recipes are authentic Indonesian preserved.

As all Marriott properties (hotels) in Indonesia were promoting the same program, back in July there was an internal chefs competition in seach for the best and authentic recipes that represent each region. Some of the recipes were chef's own creation or comes from previous family recipes that is famous in their hometown. Now, more than 30 golden recipes were cross-shared too all Marriott hotels in Indonesia to be presented in the "Flavors of Archipelago" Buffet Dinner.

Following the previous "Game of Stoves" in JW Marriott Medan, we've come up with 3 winning chefs: Chef Tommy, Chef Aditio and Chef Rega. Read more about the cooking competition "Game of Stoves" in JW Marriott Medan.

Menu Highlights

Here is the main menu highlights that will be presented in the "Flavors of Archipelago Buffet". Divided into three category;

Appetizer: Anyang Medan by Chef Tommy

Anyang Medan by Chef Tommy is chosen as one of the winner for Appetizer. 
Anyang Medan is a kind of Indonesian salad that is very popular in "Asahan"; one part of North Sumatera and it is usually only available during Ramadhan month. Meaning it's hardly found. 
Using some of very authentic Indonesian Ingredients such as grated coconut, fern (pakis) and onions. Everything were perfectly matched and this Anyang Medan is lastly being smoked with Apple Woods that gives packed the whole dish.


Main Course: Ikan Tomat Mamakku Style (Fish in Mom Signature Tomato Sauce) by Chef Adityo

Ikan Tomat Mamakku- Style was chosen as a winner main course dish.

Mamakku means 'my mother' in English. Just exactly like the name, this dish is very special as this is one of very preserved recipes in Adityo's family.
What lies very special is the Sauce, hard to explain, because this is one of a kind sauce it was made with simple ingredients but the taste was really good especially when matched with hot steam rice.


Dessert: Lapis Legit (Traditional Layer Cake) by Chef Rega 

Lapis Legit by Chef Rega was chosen as winning dessert category dish.

Ultra-fine layer cake. This Indonesian traditional cake was establised as being among the world's best and most delicious traditional cakes. Consist of more than 20 fine thin layers, the painstaking process as Chef Rega is really make this cake worth having. Though using eggs and traditional Indonesian spices, Chef Rega classic Lapis Legit is very well combined with his own made Pandan and Mango Sauce that surprisingly goes really well with the cake. A well deserved Indonesian Dessert!


Aside from these three highlights, there will be of course a lot more to find in "Flavors of the Archipelago" Buffet Dinner which will brings out the real and preserved taste of Indonesian favourite dishes across the country.

It will be a very exciting journey to this one month special Buffet Dinner at Marriott Cafe!

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