Yoghurt Kurma Cheesecake
01 July 2016 to 31 July 2016

Yoghurt Kurma Cheesecake

Menyambut Hari Raya Lebaran di bulan July ini, Marriott Gourmet mengkreasikan Kurma (palm dates) di Cake of the month of #July2016. Nama cake ini adalah "Yoghurt Kurma Cheesecake" yang dibuat dengan...   Read more

Angus Beef
01 July 2016 to 31 July 2016

Angus Beef at Prime Steakhouse

The tender texture of Angus Beef is known for genes that make meat well-marbled which means fat is more evenly distributed around the meat, with lower and thinner fat content, translating to juicer...   Read more

01 August 2015 to 30 September 2015

Mid Autumn Festival at JW Marriott Hotel Medan

Mid Autumn Festival di JW Marriott Medan - Bulan Agustus hingga September 2015 ini JW Marriott Medan kembali membawa Event International yang kali ini bertempat di Jade Restauran. Festival...   Read more


Tex Mex at JW Marriott Hotel Medan

Mei - 15th June 2015 is the month of Tex Mex Promotion at Prime Steak House and Marriott Cafe Buffet dinner. Tex Mex Menu at Prime Steak House Starters Seafood CevicheMexican seafood salad tossed...   Read more


Chanoyu, The Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony At Lobby Lounge

Starting from 18th May 2015, we introduce Chanoyu, the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony combined with Asian and Western delights. Feel the warmth and the wellness of Japanese tea in authentic...   Read more


Turkish Food In Medan

Turki terkenal dengan banyak sekali makanan enak. Makanan-makanan dari Turki berasal dari warisan masakan pada zaman Ottoman. Masakan Turki sudah terkenal hingga ke mancanegara karena kelezatannya....   Read more


Steamboat Promo

Steamboat biasa dikenal dengan nama Shabu-Shabu. Biasanya beberapa restoran Chinese atau Jepang menyajikan menu steamboat disalah satu menu andalan mereka. Steamboat yang biasa disantap beramai-...   Read more


Easter Day

Take your family to Marriott Café on 5th April and experience Easter Day with full of fun entertainment with us!You can enjoy special brunch menu and we also have sweets and candies that will make...   Read more


Cheng Beng "Family Reunion Package"

Cheng Beng " Family Reunion Package " Come with your loved one's to JW Marriott Medan's and our Family Reunion Package. Promotion packages include : Groups of 6-12 guests receive 1 free buffetGroups...   Read more


It's a Dumpling World

Spice lovers can find their bliss at JW Marriot Medan, where the Jade Chinese Restaurant serves the dumpling with chili, vegetables , peanutsin a special sauce. Now we have "Dumpling Promotion at...   Read more


Rainbow Cake at Marriott Gourmet JW Marriott Medan

HISTORY OF RAINBOW CAKE, August 19, 2009 (the date which came up from our research results) - Source http://bitemerainbow.blogspot.sg/ History of the emergence of a rainbow cake can not be separated...   Read more


Tiramisu at Marriott Gourmet JW Marriott Medan

Tiramisu (from Italian, spelled tiramisù, [tiɾamiˈsu], meaning "pick me up" or "lift me up") is a popular coffee-flavoured Italian dessert.It is made of ladyfingers (Italian: Savoiardi, [savoˈjardi...   Read more


Cheng Beng "Family Reunion Package"

Come with your loved one's to JW Marriott Medan's and our Family Reunion Package. Promotion packages include : Groups of 6-12 guests receive 1 free buffetGroups of 13 - 18 guests receive 2...   Read more


Chinese New Year Dinner Package In JW Marriott Medan

Chinese new year of the Ram is just around the corner! Book your Chinese New Year dinner and treat your family and friends to good luck and a prosperous 2015 with authentic Cantonese cuisine created...   Read more


Valentine in JW Marriott Medan

Celebrate a perfect Valentine’s day in JW Marriott Medan and enjoy the most romantic Valentine’s dinner like you have neverExperienced before. You can choose to have your special day at Quan Pool,...   Read more