Launching Prime Signature Menu

As the most prestigious steakhouse in Medan, Prime Steakhouse JW Marriott Medan has just held an exclusive Launching Event of Prime Steakhouse Signature Menu. The event was held exclusionary and private with Medan’s Foodies and Influencers. The guests were welcomed by fresh cocktails and marvelous juggling bartending performance, performed by Robby Tarigan, one of Prime Bar favorites bartender. A cooking demo was also held by Chef Amin Gihon, Sous chef of Prime Steak House with more than a decade of experience in fine dining culinary. After the cooking demo, the event was continued by a Wine introduction that displays exquisite wine collections of Prime Steak House.

The highlight of the event was the launching of 5 New Signatures Menu using the first-class premium ingredients in the world.

1. Pan Fried Foie Gras – IDR 258K
The Signature menu is started with Pan Fried Foie Gras, present with pepper sauce and buttered asparagus. Using the quintessential technique to cook Foie Gras which present the crusty browned outer layer and a soft inner layer that emphasize rich, buttery, and delicate flavors of Foie Gras.

2. Wagyu Omi Hime Beef Tacos (Japanese Original Beef) – IDR 368K

Another choice of starter, guest can savor original Japanese beef: Wagyu Omi Hime Beef Tacos with absolute blue, orange curacao, fresh pineapple, sour mix, pineapple juice, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves. This luxurious way to present tacos will create a new ultimate extravagant perspective to enjoy tacos.

3. Fresh Lobster Butter Ponzu – IDR 888K

For seafood admirer, Prime Steakhouse launch the Fresh Lobster Butter Ponzu saute with onion, green asparagus diced fresh tomato, fresh mushroom, sesame seed, butter and ponzu sauce. The savory of ponzu sauce will be an ideal complement for Fresh whole Lobster buttery texture.

4. Grilled Wagyu Striploin MB12 – IDR 1,108K

In line with the taste is another high grade japanese beef, Grilled Wagyu Striploin MB 12+ served with Buttered diamond vegetable, seared foie gras, garlic mashed potato and own choice of sauce. The delicate texture of wagyu create a melting experience and unequalled taste.

5. Grilled Wagyu Striploin Omi Hime Beef A5 (Japanese Original Beef) – IDR 1,308K

For all the prime seeker, Prime steakhouse also presents the highest carcasses grade which is Grilled Wagyu Striploin Omi Hime A5, served on a special hot rock, 3 kinds of sauces, saute vegetable and own choice of potato. The highest carcasses grade A5 Omi Hime owns the best marbling in the world, the beef from the Japanese Black Cattle presented with Certificates of Authenticity. Deliciousness of Japanese black beef is famous for the delightful taste and juicy flavor that spread out in the mouth, and smooth velvety texture with delicate but exquisite taste will linger on the palate and live long in the memory.

Every tiny detail of cuisine in Prime Steakhouse is executed with passion, from the setting of the mise-en-place to the presentation of the menu. With a hashtag of #BackAtPrime, These 5 New Signatures Menu will exemplify the finest top-notch dining experience in Medan that lift up the flavors to the next level

For reservation and information, please contact +62 61 4100 6600.

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Prime Steakhouse Signature Menu

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