Cooking Class with Foodies and Lifestyle Influencers

Launching Marriott Cafe cooking class Packages, during lunchtime on Wednesday, 06 March 2019, for the first time, Marriott Café held a cooking class with fellow Media, Foodies and Lifestyle Influencers from the city. Around 15 special selected invitees participated on that day.

Led by team of our Marriott Café Japanese culinary specialty, Chef Iskandar and Chef Syahrur, the invitees learned how to make 3 types of sushi. Before the cooking class started, invitees were instructed to maintain their hygiene during food production and wearing some professional equipment provided by Marriott Café such as gloves, apron and chef’s hat.

After all participants fullly equipped, Chef Iskandar introduced the types of ingredients and kitchen tools that specialized to make sushi such as the difference between sushi rice and normal rice, and the purpose of Makisu, a mat woven bamboo attached to cotton string use to roll and shape the sushi.

Most of the invitees were enthusiast yet nervous since it’s their first-time hands-on practice to make sushi. As a basic starter, invitees learned how to make California sushi, a makizushi sushi roll filled with avocado, cucumber, and crab meat. As the participants troubled to handle the sticky sushi rice, several crucial tips and tricks, including how to handle sushi rice and cutting the sushi were shared by our skillful chefs to make sure the rolling process goes smoothly.

While pleased with the results of first California roll, the invitees are excitedly continuing on the second sushi to shape, Tamago sushi, a sushi topped with classic sweet and light textured Japanese grilled egg. Tamago sushi is famous for their simple presentation yet elaborate taste. Chef Syahrur perfectly demonstrated how to tie simple cuts of nori without actually wrapping the whole sushi

Lastly, the participants learned how to make the final Japanese food icon, Tuna Onigiri. From choosing the right combination and the proper way to shape the Onigiri, participants was instructed with intensive open step by step procedure. This special cooking class’ sessions finished with cheers from all the participants as they satisfied with their results. All of the sushi created can be consumed right away while enjoying buffet lunch or take away.

The fellow Media, Foodies and Lifestyle Influencer were having fun enjoying a new experience while learning a new cultural dish and take an insight to the original Japanese taste. They learned how to make sushi like a professional to be practiced for their friends or family.


You can experience this too with your friends and family.  Own the most variants and diversified cuisines in Medan. Marriott Café launches 6 types of Cooking Class menu, each represents specific culinary from provenance countries. Besides Japanese Sushi, participants may choose Indonesia Soto Medan, India Chicken Kathirool, Malaysia Asam laksa noodle, Thailand Padthai and Italy fettucini carbonara.  Cooking Class was held with fully equipped tools and professional preparation area, guided by specialties chefs in each fields.  The cooking class sessions has included certificates and buffet lunch at Marriott Cafe. You can check out the cooking class detail here, Click here


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