Hosting Media Partners for Iftar at Marriott Cafe

Welcoming the great month of Ramadan; the religious month that considered as holiest month of the year for Muslims for self-reflection and spiritual improvement. This holy month is also the best moment to share love and togetherness with family, friends and colleagues. As gathering during Ramadan become a tradition for both Muslims and non-Muslims in Medan, JW Marriott Medan held another annual breakfasting gathering with Medias and Foodies partners in town.

Every year especially in Ramadan, Marriott Café offers different Iftar theme for breakfasting. This year, Marriott Café has breakfasting in Arabian theme, offering an exclusive experience for guests to spoon-fed their taste buds throughout large varieties of Middle East and Medanese cuisine. One of the specialties cuisine that should be tried is Makbūs or commonly known as Kabsah Rice which is a staple national dish of Saudi Arabia.

A huge plate of Kabsah Rice was presented in the middle of table for Medias and Foodies, while Medias and Foodies capturing the moment, Sous Chef Krisna Putra explained about the dish “We want to introduce the authentic taste of Nasi Kabsah to Medan because nowadays people tend to explore and search for unique taste that represents another country. In fact, Nasi Kabsah is a traditional Arabian menu that has passed along from generations to generations so the taste and recipe can be different from each family. Our creation of Nasi Kabsah quite stands out cause we use a different type of grain, a long grain rice that maintain the perfect texture to hold the generous flavor of Nasi Kabsah. It’s important to use Long grain rice since we include some special fragrant and spices such as saffron, cloves and cardamom that will give the aromatic burst when you take the first bite of Nasi Kabsah”.

While enjoying the ambiance and cuisines at Marriott Café, the invited guests were also accompanied by live bands and short performances of traditional middle-east dance by JW Marriott Medan Associates. Through gathering, Asst-Director of Marketing Communication JW Marriott Medan, Ms Herpeiriati also presented several awards for a most supportive Media partners; Kover Magazine and

More than 40 cuisines are enjoyable during Buka Puasa in Marriott Café with choices ranging mainly from Arabian, Indonesian, Asian, with various takjils, fruits and dessert station including several flavors of delicious cold fresh ice cream. Several live stations such as Sate Madura, Kambing Guling, Roti Cane and Shawarma is also specially highlighted during Ramadan. Find out more about our Iftar Packages at Marriott Cafe offer, click here


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