#ExperienceJWPoolVibes Tropical Flamingo Pool Party

You know it’s always summer in here!

Pool party is the perfect summer bash for all ages and last week we had one of the most fun poolside party with our exclusive invited guests to be the first to taste our first signature pool cocktail and snacks directly presented by our creative kitchen team.

Everyone knows JW Marriott Medan has the best poolside in town featuring panoramic city view from the top and we would like to enhance that experience by delivering the right vibes through a pool party like this.

Set up in a theme of Tropical Flamingo, last week some of the guests in Medan was exclusively invited to #ExperienceJWPoolVibes. Aside from the launch of the signature cocktail and food, guests were to experience quick hand and shoulder massage Spa JW Marriott Medan and also chill by watching the sunset from another side.

Newly launched Signature Drink at the poolside is: Flamingo Margarita. Margaritas are what you pour for life’s happiest moments and our bartender is inspired by that to create great moments at our poolside with this pink Flamingo Margarita. This cocktail was crafted to make you feel good about yourself, like how it is appeared in pink color, a color that takes us back to our childhood, sweet, innocent, our happiest moments. Flamingo Margarita nails 3 of five tastes in a perfect balance; Sweet, Bitter, Sour through the sweetness of the sugar, the sourness of the lime and strawberry, the bitterness of the vodka.

Flamingo Margarita

As the guests enjoy their cocktail and coconuts, they were entertained by DJ Performance and dance performances with a beautiful sunset as the background.

The good news for everyone is that poolside party is going to happen bi-monthly soon!

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