Chef Joey Wong Wai

Born in Singapore, Executive Chef Joey began his career in the culinary field at the age of 15, and has traveled to various countries in the world to develop his cooking skills.

Prior to joining JW Marriott Medan, Joey worked in several highly recognized hotels throughout the world, including The Old Chengdu in China and Sofitel in Thailand. As a valediction, Chef Joey won the Time Out Dubai Award for the title of Best Chinese Restaurant in 2010.

Chef Joey serves artistic exquisite dishes for you with Cantonese flavors at Jade Restaurant.

Sous Chef Krisna Putra

Chef Krisna made his debut in the culinary industry since 1995 as a waiter in Kuala Lumpur and later found an interest in the kitchen which remarks his first career track as a Commis III until Asst Chef at various restaurants in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia. Total of 7 years building his career in Malaysia along with his cooking experiences on cruise line, he came back to Medan for his family in 2002 and also to develop further of his career at various hotels in Medan

Having variety palates and tastes throughout its culinary journey, he has explored and cultivated Western, Japanese and Asian cuisine. Been selected as an exclusive preparation team for various high-ranking government officials in Indonesia became another additional achievement for Chef Krisna. Thus, all of his experiences have become a strong foundation and groundwork to his position as Head Chef Marriott Café at JW Marriott Medan where we serve International cuisines.

Chef Amin Gihon

Chef Amin’s palate was crafted through his family’s culinary devotion where he grew up. Amin began his career in 2004 and has spent 15 years in some best kitchens. Before joining the JW Marriott Medan culinary team, Amin worked at the best resorts in Maldives and Arabia.

Chef Amin’s expertise in cooking has been validated by several prestigious awards including ‘Bronze Medal in Food and Hospitality Asia Maldives International in 2014’

Due to his ability to coalesce his love for culinary, his fondness for cooking and commitment to develop his career back in hometown, Chef Amin is back in Medan and is ready to serve his outstanding cuisine for you at Prime Steakhouse.

Chef Can Huan Huang

Chef Huan has more than 16 years of experience in Chinese culinary in several cities in China. Starting his career as a dim sum student in 2003 at a hotel in Zhon Shan City, he found his passion and devotion for dim sum.

For more than 16 years, Chef Huan has specialized in making dim sum in several well-known restaurants and hotels in China. Then he moved to the Sheraton Shanghai before joining the JW Marriott Medan in 2011.

Together with Chef Joey and Chef Adi, Chef Huan who is now the Master Chef of dim sum, has remarks and made Jade Restaurant famous for its delicious dim sum.

Sous Chef Adi Supratman

Has been admiring cooking since childhood, Sous Chef Adi certified for more than12 years experiences in the culinary of hospitality. He has joined the JW Marriott Medan since 2010 to present various innovative culinary concepts from his passion.

Excellent on his team, Chef Adi once went to Bangkok Sukhumvit Hotel to promote Indonesian cuisine.

Chef Adi is particularly specialized in Chinese cuisine, along with Executive Chef Joey, making Jade Restaurant a favorite restaurant for Chinese culinary lovers.

Pastry Chef Tience Meyrona

Joining as Pastry Chef at JW Marriott Medan, Tience Meyrona brings her expertise in baking pastry art with decades of experience. Before joining the Marriott Gourmet Team in Medan, Tience, who began her career in Bali, developed her expertise through several resorts and boutique hotels in Maladives and the Middle East. Supervising on the pastry department and modernizing recipes is two of the many responsibilities she carries.

Throughout his childhood, the love of Chef Tience for pastry was inspired by her mother who had a hobby of making cakes for to be sold to her mother colleagues. Her interest in traditional cakes created a deep passion that led her to the pastry art industry especially French Patisserie with a local touch and Asian fusion. She enjoyed every moment of her experience and perfected her expertise for more than 10 years.

Officially trained at the Bandung School of Tourism, Tience completed several pastry programs and training at the Malaysian Academy of Pastry Arts and Valrhona International Jakarta. Her talent allows Tience become a Silver Medal Winner in Layered Food Classes at the Asian Maldives Hotel Exhibition & International Culinary Challenge 2012.

Present at JW Marriott Medan, Chef Tience brings her baking style of technique with decades of professional experience to serve the best delicious cakes available, ready to be enjoyed at the Marriot Gourmet Medan.

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