7 Signature Dishes

PROMOTION DATE : 01/06/2021 - 31/12/2021

Enjoy the best dish of your favorite restaurants’ menu from Marriott Cafe, Marriott Gourmet, Jade Restaurant, and Prime Steakhouse at the comfort of your home.

1. Sop Kambing Deli – Marriott Cafe

Enjoy a warm bowl of nourishing Soup Kambing Deli. Originated as Royal Deli Family’s favorite soup and served only during special events, Sop Kambing Deli is one of the heritage dishes of Medan. 3 hours braised concentrated thick broth filled with tender mutton, vegetables, spices, and herbs mixtures and served with white steamed rice and green lime juice, Sop Kambing Deli offers an authentic taste experience to delight.
IDR 150,000 nett/portion

2. Beef Rendang – Marriott Cafe

Rank as the most delicious dish from the world, packed with spices that burst on the first bite, Beef Rendang is a must-try Sumatera delicacies. Famous for the tender meat texture and richness flavors originated from the slow cook process and long braised in coconut milk with spices mixture for 8 hours.
Beef Rendang is now available for take away or delivery at Marriott Cafe
IDR 188,000 net/portion

3. Cookies & Cream Cheesecake – Marriott Gourmet


Do you love a creamy cheesecake, but are looking for a tasty twist? Try our cookies & cream cheesecake. With a creamy buttery filling and crunchy crushed cookies and fragrant vanilla cream, no one can resist a bite of this classic dessert!
IDR 68.000 nett/slice
IDR nett/whole cake

4. Salted Egg Prawn – Jade Restaurant

For die-hard salted egg yolk fans, you will love this. Rich, creamy, and full of umami flavor salted yolk, wrapped fresh succulent firm prawn. Serve it for crunchy finger food or highlight platter of family dinner, the best Salted Egg Prawn in town!
IDR 188,000 nett/portion


5. Beggar Chicken – Jade Restaurant

Haute cuisine from Qing Dynasty, as odd as the name, unfolds a delicious taste of Chinese Delicacies. The golden exterior comes from a high temperature fried, and steamed with Chinese herbs and Ginseng for 2 hours then baked with extra dough to seal the flavors. A healthy legendary dish crafted by Jade Restaurant

IDR 458.000 nett/portion
1 portion for 5 person

6. Vegetarian Fried Rice – Jade Restaurant

This healthy no-meat dish is loaded with tender vegetables, delicious mushroom, and tons of flavor including everyone’s favorite burst of smoky taste from high heat wok.
IDR 98,000 nett/portion


7. Lobster Bisque – Prime Steakhouse

A classic entree of French, Lobster Bisque owns a smooth, creamy, and deep flavorsome soup based on a strained thickened broth from lobsters. To add another layer of texture, this soup is topped with buttery white cream and creole-seasoned lobster meat.
IDR 198.000 nett/portion

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