Cheng Beng Reunion Feast

PROMOTION DATE : 01/03/2020 - 30/04/2020

Following the festivities of Imlek, marking the start of Chinese New Year celebrations, which closes fifteen days later with the Cap Goh Meh, the Chinese ethnic group in Medan, capital of North Sumatra Province will then hold the Cheng Beng Festival from 21 March – 18 April 2019. The festival, which is also known as Qingming Jie or Qing Ming Festival(清明节) is a traditional Chinese festival on the 104th day after, gardens in the memorial park, signifying family reunion with the ancestors.

During Cheng Beng or (Qing Ming) people pay their respects to ancestors and also become an opportunity for family reunions.

Jade Restaurant welcomes your family. gather them for a sumptuous feast on this Cheng Beng Period with delicacies and signature creations by Jade Culinary team starting from March till April.

Delicacies Combination: IDR 2,988,000 ++/table
Poisedon Seafood Platter: IDR 3,288,000 ++/table
Summer Pavillion Platter: IDR 3,988,000 ++/table


ChengBeng Menu 2020

For more information and reservation, please contact +6261 4100 6200.

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