Christmas Cakes & Cookies

PROMOTION DATE : 01/12/2018 - 31/12/2018

It’s sweet treats time. Either for yourself or for somebody you love. Savor our choices of Christmas cakes and cookies by our Pastry Chef Tience.

1.  Cherish.

Luxurious layers of bittersweet rich chocolate mousse with juicy and bright cherry compote and moist cocoa genoise, fully covered with stunning mirror glaze.

IDR 235,000++

2. Milk Chocolate Banana Crunch Loaf.

Combination of all the best qualities moist banana loaf cake coated with an exclusive gourmet glaze made of rich chocolate milk and crunchy puffed rice, absolute enjoyment at every bite.
Available in Marriott Gourmet for IDR 150,000++

3. Christmas Fruit Cake Loaf

Most favorites holiday fruitcake, a classic moist buttery fruit pound cake jammed with delicious dried raisins and nuts, perfect for Xmas Celebration and Gifts! Purchasable at Marriott Gourmet for IDR 150,000++

4. Arbre.

The perfect assembly of tasty bittersweet light green tea mousse, exquisite berries reduction and luscious aromatic vanilla cake. Pre-order at Marriott Gourmet for IDR 235,000++
5. Exotic.
Melty crumbliness and heavenly buttery finger biscuit layered with fluffy smooth tropical mango mousse and tasteful mango compote with a touch of ginger, a great combination of tropical flavors for your palate.
IDR 235,000 ++

6. Citrus.

The spotlight of wonderful aromatic sweet-sour Mandarin Orange compote with airy smooth chocolate mousse, layered with rich gratifying chocolate cake, glazed with gorgeous milk chocolate. IDR 235,000 ++

All Christmas Cakes can be pre-order from now.

For more information and order, please contact +6261 4100 6700 or FB Sales at +6281 6315 8910 for corporate cake deals.