Love Flames – Cocktail of the month

PROMOTION DATE : 01/02/2019 - 28/02/2019

Cocktail of the month: February

Love Flames,

Specially crafted February: Love Flames, is a finely crafted cocktail mixed from Vodka with white wine and orange which represents ‘twin flames’; two loving energies who is one subtle and tasteless as vodka and then completed by someone who is energetic as orange and refreshing like the aromatic white wine.

Love flames is blend of loving energies by two persons, this cocktail is inspired by the magic of ‘Twin Flames’; a love flame transcends time, over many lifetimes, through all the ages, even after the last breath is taken. Twin flames reflect each other, either at the same time or any time, despite of living in different time zones, continents or even when not physically talking to each other. They can communicate telepathically and this is thanks to their empathy, soul/mind powers and mostly the same energy flow because energy is the most precious thing a human. The most paradoxical thing about true twin flames is that they do reflect each other energetically, and totally. To the extend that, when things go wrong, it’s not about fixing your partner but fixing yourself.

This special cocktail will be available at Prime Bar in February.

For more information, please contact +6261 4100 6500.