Sizzling Hot Plate

PROMOTION DATE : 22/01/2021 - 30/06/2021

It’s lunch time!! Bring your friends and business partners, Indulge in wholesome experience of ‘Sizzling Hot Plate’ at Marriott Café with 5 selection of foods crafted by our Culinary Team.
Starting IDR 110,000 Nett/ Portion.

Grill Beef Sirloin Hot Plate with Aglio Olio Pasta and Mix Vegetables.

Introducing an hot plate consisting of pasta, sirloin, and vegetables.
The meat is tender and the seasoning penetrates into the meat. What makes the taste even better is the sauce that is so thick, savory, and warm.
Savor this healthy delicious food with rich and earthy flavor crafted by Marriott Café team.
IDR 220,000++/Person


Marinated Grill Chicken Hot Plate with sautéed Baby Potatoes and Mix Vegetables.       

A hotplate with grilled chicken, baby potatoes and fresh vegetables which is served with heat and the aroma of the seasoning will smell very good,
making you even more appetizing. The utmost definition of healthy and delicious dish altogether!
IDR 130,000++/Person


Crispy Noodle Hot Plate with Beef Black Pepper and Mushroom slice.

Serving a hotplate consisting of crispy noodles, beef black paper and mushroom slices can scrummy your tongue with a delicious sauce.
This hotplate is so heavenly. Marriott Café will never stop pleasing your stomach with a variety of delicious food.
IDR 130,000++/Person


Chicken Katsu Hot Plate with fresh Green Salad.

A hotplate with chicken covered in flour, a delicious sauce and vegetables.
This taste will truly mouth-watering you.
Savor this flavorful delicious food with rich and earthy flavor crafted by Marriott Café team in a hotplate dish.
IDR 110,000++/Person


Grill Chicken Hot Plate with Sambal Petai.

This hotplate consist of grilled chicken, sambal petai and vegetables. This hotplate will mouthwatering you with spicy sambal petai.
IDR 130,000++/Person


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