Sumatra Coffee

PROMOTION DATE : 10/12/2019 - 31/03/2020

Explore a brilliant spectrum of flavors, aromatics, and acidities nurtured into existence by dedicated craftsmanship of local farmers in Sumatra Coffee promotion at Marriott Gourmet. Pick your own preference brewing technique from V60, French Press, Vietnam Drip, Syphon, Aeropress with 6 masterpieces Sumatera’s single-origin coffee; Lintong, Gayo, Gayo Wine, Gayo Honey, Sidikalang, Mandheling. Perfect for takeaway in the morning or to enjoy after your lunch.

IDR 50,000 nett/cup.

*available for take away

Please see Sumatra Coffee menu







For more information and purchase, please contact +6261 4100 6700.

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